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  1. TwitNews Keyboard Shortcut

    Some time ago, I wrote an applescript ‘TwitNews‘ for posting link to news items to Twitter from NetNewsWire. Many people seemed to find it useful and I’m happy about it. Today morning I got an email about how he used Spark app to create a keyboard shortcut to use the script. That is really useful because you dont have to select TwitNews from the scripts menu anymore. Instead just hit the assigned keyboard shortcut. That really gives it a native feeling. Unfortunately, I could not get Spark to work. Instead I found that it is much easier to use Mac OS X inbuilt feature in System Preferences -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Keyboard Shortcuts.

    Just create a new keyboard shortcut with the Application as NetNewsWire, Menu title as ‘TwitNews’ if you haven’t renamed the script when you put it inside the scripts folder, and your desired keyboard shortcut. I chose ⌃T as it is the same shortcut with Safari140 which is a useful tool to post stuff to Twitter from Safari (if you didn’t know).

    Thanks to Ian Tornay for the idea of keyboard shortcuts!

  2. Trying out geolocation in Mobile Safari

    See the full gallery on posterous

    Try it out on your iPhone

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