• homescreen.me

    For the past few weeks I’ve been spending my weekends mostly working on homescreen.me – a simple web app for showing off your iOS device homescreens. Last week, it went live. This is a joint effort by myself and the folks at iXyr media who also runs Smoking Apples and Beautiful Pixels.

    At this point of time, homescreen.me is a place for you to show off your homescreens, but there are many viable features that you will see there in the near future. Think of it as a great resource for iOS wallpapers, to discover new apps on the app store, find out what apps your friends are using on their devices, a history or archive of your homescreens and lot more.

    We already have a dev blog where we have a brief on the present and future of the app. Currently, homescreen.me is invite-only but we are sending out invites as much as we can, so please request an invite at the homepage. Your suggestions and feedback would be much appreciated.

    Have a look at my homescreen for a preview: http://homescreen.me/tinu