• Nifty Gem: Awesome Print

    Just discovered this pretty nifty gem that works very much like pretty_print but is awsomer. It works right out of the box as a gem in your rails console and is very handy while checking on objects.

    Here is what it simply does:

    $ ruby script/console
    Loading development environment (Rails 2.3.4)
    >> require 'ap'
    => []
    >> ap User.first
    #<user:0x10498f648> {
    :id         => 1,
    :first_name => "Tinu",
    :last_name  => "Cleatus",
    :address    => "123 ABC Rd",
    :city       => "Cochin",
    :state      => "Kerala",
    :zip_code   => "123456",
    :country    => "India"
    => nil

    Basically pretty prints the object in a very clean way with pretty colors (in the Terminal).

    Moreover, it supports a lot of other custom options. Head over to the GitHub page for more info.