• RubyConf India 2010 Experience


    The first ever Ruby conference in India happened last weekend in Bangalore and I’m glad to have attended it. It would have been a big loss if I had not. There were a few good speakers who gave some very interesting talks and I think the whole crowd was amusing too. Every time a session ended, there were many sensible discussions that happened between the audience and the speaker. Me and my friends reached Bangalore early morning on the day of the conf and we reached very late, apparently we missed the first talk by Ola Bini. So, my day one of the conference started with Obie’s “Blood, Sweat and Rails 2010″ session. It was quite knowledgeable how Hashrocket as a company works. Some pretty good tips there on entrepreneurship and how better startups can work using the right tools.

    Next notable session was Rails vs. Django by Shreyank Gupta, pretty interesting stuff he discussed there on what and how different Django is from Rails. I’ve been eager to know about Django since I started on Rails and this quite gave me a hint. Interestingly, the final word from Shreyank was “Rails is better”. *happy me* *crowd applauses*

    We then hurried to the next hall where Matz was about to start his video conf call. As opposed to my expectations, this session turned out to be very fun and amusing. Matz spoke about the future of Ruby mainly and he also announced that Ruby 1.9.2 will be released in August and the community will start working on 2.0 after that.

    Another interesting session was about the Rhodes mobile app development framework. This was something I was looking forward to. The talk was interesting but I was disappointed that using this framework does not really produce a really “native” iPhone app. It is more like a web app that works locally on the phone and uses sqlite to store data locally. We could then use libraries like jQTouch to make it feel native. I’m yet to give this a real try though.

    Overall, RubyConf was a great success, enjoyed every minute and was great pleasure meeting a few great Rubyists and some fellow developers. I think there were a lot of developers who mostly did not work with Rails but worked with Ruby in some way, which is amazing. I see great future for Ruby in India, and look forward to more similar conferences in and around.

    Here’s what people still talk about the conf.