• Internet tethering and MMS on iPhone 2G

    I have been least interested in enabling tethering on my unlocked and jailbroken iPhone 2G, mainly because I felt tethering the EDGE connection to my mac would not be a good idea. But today I took the plunge and decided to give it a try. I googled for long and I could not find much help on how to enable tethering on the 2G, but rather a couple of ways to get it working on a 3G or 3GS. So this is a very simple and straightforward method to get it working on the 2G. You need a jailbroken iPhone running OS 3.1.2 with Cydia installed.

    • Fire up Cydia and add a new source – http://cydia.iphonemod.com.br/
    • Once Cydia has finished reloading, search for – iPhone 2G: Tethering, MMS, bluetooth profile
    • Install the package and reboot.

    Thats pretty much to do about it. You should have the option of ‘Internet Tethering’ under Settings > General > Network. Turn it on and connect it to your PC / Mac with the USB cable and configure it. The mac would instantly recognize it as a new Networking device called ‘iPhone USB’.

    I did not really want MMS but this fix instantly did that too. I sent an MMS to my friend (for the first time ever) and it just worked !

    If you use a 3G or 3GS, you might rather follow this.

    Thanks GadgetDNA.

    FYI my iPhone was jailbroken using blackra1n.