• Add more Readability to NetNewsWire

    If you are reading this post on my blog using Readability, then you are probably gonna love this. For those, who have not heard about Readability, it is a nifty little tool by Arc90, which transforms a webpage or blog post you are looking at to something very friendly to your eyes, or just increases the ‘readability’ as the name implies. From day one, I’m in love with it. If you haven’t yet, go check it out.

    Coming back to the post, I discovered this really nice tip that helps to get Readability installed on NetNewsWire (yeah, your favorite news reader), using Applescript. It is very useful because you probably read all your news subscriptions on your news reader. So here you go!

    Hint: I recommend adding a shortcut to the script once you have set it up. See this post if you’d like to know how you can do that.