• The Tablet


    While following the keynote at Engadget last Wednesday, I was sure that I’m never going to buy it. I thought to myself, that this was never going to be useful for me. But lately I’ve been thinking over it. I’m a freelancer and mostly work from home. I code for the web, read my RSS subscriptions, catchup on emails, read stuff on the internet, all on my MacBook Pro. Apparently, I spend the whole day sitting on my chair in front of my mac. So, why not just get a tablet and separate my work stuff from things I don’t really need my mac for.

    I’m starting to break-up! I might get this one when it is in India IF the price is right, which I don’t really hope is Rs.29K ($499).

    • http://www.jaredblake.com Jared Blake

      I thought the same thing when I saw the release of the iPad. Then I questioned how I currently use all my devices and became curious how I could work an iPad into my workflow. The more I thought about it, the more I felt the need to have it.

    • Think better not different

      You are commiting a serious mistake son!!!